Drug Use Presentation

Paper instructions

Objective: Most psychologists attend professional conferences where they get an opportunity to exchange ideas and learn about current research in the field of psychology. One way to exchange ideas is to present a research presentation. Here, the psychologists will present their own research to other psychologists in hopes of stimulating discussion on how to improve their own research. The purpose of this assignment is to create a presentation on current research that interests you.


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Drug Use Presentation
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Using Arc Media Video Recorder, Give up to a 7 minute PowerPoint presentation.
Summarize your research paper, focusing on the “big picture” issues (e.g., why is your topic important? What is already known about your topic? What are the limitations and future directions for research/practice in this topic?)

Use the sample outline from your research paper to guide your presentation.
NEVER copy + paste text from your paper to your Presentation slides


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