one Paragraph for this We often use “secularism” and “division of Church and State” interchangeably. However, they are not the same thing. What is secularism, and how does it relate to constitutionalism? Relatedly, what is the difference between freedom OF religion, and freedom FROM religion? Required texts: “Modes of Secularism” by Taylor TBD one Paragraph for this Based upon the readings and your experiences, is the law (color)blind? Is the law implemented – from the creation of legislation, to law enforcement, to incarceration – in a racially biased way (privileging certain racialized groups over others)? If the law is racially biased, how do you think we can do better, how can we introduce more equity and justice into the law? Required texts: “To Protect and Serve Whiteness” by Burton “Institutional Racism, Numbers Management, and Zero-Tolerance Policing in New York” by Bornstein TBD one Paragraph for this Why is land one of the primary bases of Indigenous rights? How are notions of local, state and national land ownership complicated by Indigenous land claims and treaties, and why are these claims so often ignored by state and national governments?  Required texts: -“The Production of Indigenous Land Rights: Judicial Decisions across National, Regional, and Global Scales” by Medina -TBD one Paragraph for this one Paragraph for this one Paragraph for this

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