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Respond about the benefits and potential harms of using these types of products in a healthy household. Reply As Directed to the post at the bottom. Cite References.

The dictionary defines triclosan is a chloronated, organic compound with antibacterial and antifungal properties that is commonly held in settings in healthcare and household care. Saferchemicals.org mentions that triclosan is found inside toothpaste, cutting boards, antibacterial soaps, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, school supplies, and textilles. While it may be helpful to clean certain products off of you such as germs, disease carrying bacteria, and so on, it does not come risk free. Potential health risks may include: hormone disruption, potential antibiotic resistance, infertility, pregnancy problems, water pollution, impaired muscled function, irritation of the skin, eye, and the lungs, and liver and inhaling toxicity. However it it effective against fungi, bacteria and protozoa as an antiseptic, disinfectant, and a preservative. Time magazine says that it may be allowed in your toothpaste because of the proven use that it can fight plaque that causes gingivitis as Colgate is the only brand to use it now. My take on this substance is wondering if the risk worth the reward. In the several sites I have been in, I have not seen any data showing how triclosan caused so many problems so if the FDA says it’s at a manageable amount where significant people are harmed where things such as disease and infections are killing people every single day, why not use it? As a healthcare worker, hospitals were loaded in the last few years due to covid-19 and things that resemble the same symptoms and a load of these people who filled up these hospital rooms were people who were not hygienically compliant. As it was stressed to wash your hands, cover your mouth when you sneezed and coughed and these have been things that been getting taught to us since kindergarten and because of noncompliance, we suffered the consequences. So let’s use the chemicals that can fight disease and infection so we don’t cause another uproar of disease that can potentially kill another set of millions of people.

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discussion reply answer
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