Discussion Questions: Dreamers and Anchor Babies


Read the Chapter “Dreamers and Anchor Babies”. Submit 2 questions based upon the readings. The questions should spur larger discussions about major ideas and themes from the reading.  They should not be overly simplistic questions. Questions should be specifically tied to content of reading.   (DOES NOT NEED TO BE 275 WORDS. Can be less)  Example of Bad Question: “When was the Fair Housing Act passed? What did it do?”  Why is it bad? Its a simple question with (for the most part) a simple answer. You want the question to engage with the themes of the reading, more generally. They should encourage larger discussion. Example of Good Question: “How does Rothstein’s account of federal redlining challenge the narrative that only the South suffered from de jure segregation under Jim Crow? What Are he implications of federal redlining for urban communities of color?” Why is it good? It connects the reading to larger themes and is not to simplistic?straightforward. It prompts a discussion that is interpretative rather than objective.

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Discussion Questions: Dreamers and Anchor Babies
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