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(please answer both Question 1 and Question 2)   Mackey and Sisodio speak of Conscious Capitalism as possessing 4 tenets: higher purpose, stakeholder integration, conscious leadership and conscious culture and management. Many companies have evolved from finding a profitable niche to more conscious and societally beneficial missions; yet global wealth remains largely concentrated in firms which possess virtual or outright monopolies in national or global markets. Different nations iterate chances for more conscious capitalism such as United States’ B corps, China’s 3rd way which includes more intimate state involvement in the development of companies, Singapore’s more laissez- faire capitalism, or Scandinavian capitalism linked to a more intentional funding of social structures such as healthcare and post-secondary education 1. Is conscious capitalism universally desirable?   2. Is there a design solution which might expand “conscious capitalism” to become a more global norm?

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Discussion Question
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