Discussion Post 4

Based on the SWOT of Toyota included in chapter 6 (print: p. 217-218; ebook: p. 250), please consider the following questions to help guide your analysis: (1) Which strengths could Toyota make better use of in the future? (2) Which weaknesses are most important for the company to address? (3) Is Toyota well positioned to take advantage of all its current external opportunities? and (4) Which external threats should it prioritize, and why? Use your answer to these four questions to provide advice to Toyota’s CEO Akio Toyoda, specifically, whether (or not) the company has competitive advantage. (CLO 3, 4, 5)
Initial posts should be posted no later than Wednesday, 11:59 pm.
You must post feedback to a minimum of three classmates no later than Saturday, 11:59 pm.
The post must be well developed, move to a higher level of knowledge, and competently answer all the questions within the discussion prompt.
Posts that contain “I agree,” “Great Post,” or Thank you” will not be accepted as being well-developed.
Your initial post should contain a minimum of 180 words, at least, and for a meaningful reply, a minimum of 100 words at least.
When posting, be cordial, use proper language, spelling, and grammar that you would use in a professional environment.
Skillfully respond to the question(s) of your peers, and connections support your post to/and real-life examples.
The post should provide opportunities for additional continuous dialogue.
Before posting, make sure to review the grading criteria in the rubric found in each discussion.
Quick overview of citing your sources using APA style.

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Discussion Post 4
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