Discussion Board Chapters Six and Seven soc 1 sgc


Discussion Board Chapters Six and Seven No unread replies. No replies. Chapter 6 Give an example of at least one primary and one secondary group that you belong to. Be sure to explain how/why they fit as examples. Give two examples of how our society has become McDonaldized. Be sure to explain why they fit as examples. Chapter 7 Provide an example of how deviance can change over time or differs across societies. What does this tell us about how deviance operates?  Which of the three major sociological approaches (social conflict, symbolic interactionism or structural functionalism) offers the best analysis of how deviance works in our society? Use at least one real world example not discussed in the text to support your position. The book defines the criminal justice system as “an organization that exists to enforce a legal code”. From your experience is the legal code enforced equally among all groups in society in terms of various statuses such as class and race? Be sure to provide an explanation to support your position.  Be sure to reply to a post from one of your classmates.

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Discussion Board Chapters Six and Seven soc 1 sgc
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