Discussion 5: Chapter 5 – Discussion 2 Group 10

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Desmond, Matthew & Mustafa Emirbayer. 2015. Race in America. W.W. Norton & Company.
ISBN: 978-0393937657

Reflect on the housing phenomenon chosen by the first respondent and provide a media image that relates to that phenomenon, [Ex. a picture, a poem describing the time, a graphic from a game (Oregon Trail…if y’all remember that), etc. any type of media representation] and explain why you chose it.

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Discussion 5: Chapter 5 – Discussion 2 Group 10
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***First respondent Thread post title: (Immigration)***

I most definitely grew up in a diverse neighborhood. Growing up we moved around a lot. Therefore I had the opportunity of meeting people of all ethnic backgrounds and races. Diversity to mean means a variety of people and backgrounds. To experience diversity one must have been raised around multiple races and not just one.

Prior . to reading the chapter I believe racial segregation was caused by a number of factors. Among those being redlining. Preventing blacks from receiving loans to live in suburban neighborhoods and another being keeping the poor in poverty neighborhoods and the whites in the suburbs. This is the knowledge I’ve acquired from p[revious sociology courses I’ve taken.

We know that there were racial struggles in America in the twentieth century. I Will try to convey my message as short as possible in my attempt not to write too much as directed by the teacher assistant. I do apologize for the recent long posts. However, This chapter discusses racial segregation. Racialized neighborhoods came to pass as dozens of immigrants migrated to the states. As they poured into cities, some ethnic groups tended to cluster together in neighborhoods, many living in crowded, dilapidated slums. Irish, German, Polish, Swedish, Persian, Italian, and Hungarian families lived in cordoned-off areas with such names as the Irish Kilgubbin, Polish Hamtramck, and Hungarian Delray. Chinatowns emerged in some cities, as did black belts, where African American families lived together. As groups grew in numbers and moved into different neighborhoods, ethnic conflicts sparked between Greeks and Persians, blacks and Sicilians, and Chinese and Germans, to name just a few. Desmond, Mathew, & Mustafa. (pg.170,2015.)

I do believe the answer given relates to the last chapter and market forces. Could I be wrong? Of course, but that’s precisely why I am here. To learn and obtain valuable information and study the difference in opinion among classmates. The market forces regarding segregation are many. Two of those reasons being discriminatory barriers and housing forces. The decision to study immigration due to segregation in neighborhoods was made solely based on the fact that it is indeed one of the main causes of racialized neighborhoods. As mentioned in the chapter many races did not live. together well. So they created their own space . to reside with their own kind. causing racialized neighborhoods.

Work Cited:

Desmond, Mathew, & Mustafa Emirbayer. 2015. pg, 91 “Race in America. ” W.W. Norton & Company.


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