Discuss Hoover and Sumner


Your substantive post must do three things: Answer one of the discussion questions listed below in the format provided, Be at least 250-300 words long, Cites the relevant texts at least twice, using direct quotes. Questions (pick one!): Hoover’s Economics. When we see the term rugged individualism we usually think about a hands-off approach by the government towards business, and yet Hoover actually highlights quite a few places where government involvement in the economy. Write a discussion post that highlights one or two of the areas he does, try to explain his reasons, and try to find a contemporary application of that argument.  Sumner’s Argument. William Graham Sumner presents an argument that a hands-off approach to the economy would be best for everybody, and he presents it as obvious that evidence will match his predictions, and yet it’s quite unclear that it does. Identify ONE RESEARCH QUESTION derived from his argument and USE THE QUICK GUIDE TO RESARCH, to try to find how much the empirical evidence supports his case.  Addams and Autonomy. Jane Addams make an important argument in favor of unions based on the ground of autonomy, even while acknowledging that unions are not always right about their economic demands. Use the QUICK GUIDE TO RESEARCH to try to determine how union membership affects autonomy. Does it increase college admissions for children of union members? Lead to higher rates of homeownership? Any kind of way of linking union membership to autonomy is the goal!    Cut and paste the following format into your response: Question name: (Hoover’s Economics; Sumner’s Argument, Addams and Autonomy ). Premise:  (Here first use your own words to describe an assumption or premise in the argument you are discussing, and provide appropriate direct citations from the course reading).  Answer: (Here use the tools of informal logic and textual analysis to answer the question – this should be about 80% of your post).

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Discuss Hoover and Sumner
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