discretion and dilemmas in Corrections.


This week the topic of discussion is discretion and dilemmas in Corrections. It would be easy to pick a topic to discuss about jails or prisons as they are a dangerous place with endless topics to explore. Just last week we had a shooting inside the Orange County Intake at the jail, but I want to explore a correctional program that is widely used but often goes unnoticed, Probation. Many of you might know someone, or have known someone, that is or has been on probation, regardless of the reason. Probation has many varieties of discipline and can be both, helpful and detrimental, to those under supervision. I am going to keep it simple this week as it is the last discussion for this semester, I just want three (3) questions answered, they are as follow: What are your feelings toward probation? What are positive aspects about probation? What are negative aspects about probation? Now stop for a moment and think about your response, be honest and do not just give an answer to satisfy the weekly discussion. Remember to support your argument with facts not just opinion. As with anything you do in academics, please list the source you use to support your argument at the end of your post. Remember this is not just merely opinion, it is a discussion based on articulable facts so do your homework (List the source in APA format).

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discretion and dilemmas in Corrections.
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