Disaster Plan

Paper instructions

1 Visit the following website https://texasready.gov/. (Links to an external site.)There are videos to view and lots of other information that include checklists. You need to look at what is applicable to your circumstances. You will need to view the third tab that says, “3 Build a Kit”. Open it. Review the disaster supply checklist. This link will take you to a checklist to help you prepare a grab and go kit. You are not limited to using this site only. You may use any resource that helps you get prepared. The point of this is to help you start the process of getting your family prepared for disaster. I want this to benefit YOU so I do not have guidelines for what your plan/kit should include.

2. View the Just in Time Training Modules by clicking on the following link https://www.uttyler.edu/nursing/msns/ (Links to an external site.). Look at the training Module for each of the roles at the bottom of the page. There are five roles for you to review (Primary Care Provider, Nursing, Nursing Student, Non-Medical Volunteer, Non-Medical Supervisor). This will not take long. This online training is being used across the United States to help people get trained for medical needs sheltering. I hope you enjoy it!
3. Find a community member or family member and a healthcare professional and educate them (you will educate 2 individuals) on the importance of disaster preparedness. You will discuss the experience of teaching in the journal so this activity will need to be completed prior to completion of the journal.
4. Complete a journal on the activity by answering the following in a word document. You will attach this via the assignment link with the other items specified in this document.
a. Provide a brief summary of what you learned after completing steps of Disaster Preparedness and Teaching assignment.
b. Discuss the health teaching/education you provided to a community member or family member. In your answer, include what educational issues and barriers you considered prior to delivering the education?
c. Discuss the health teaching/education you provided to the healthcare professional. In your answer, include what educational issues and barriers you considered prior to delivering the education?
d. Explicitly identify and describe at least 2 steps (see Fig. 12-1; p. 217 for review) of the “nursing process with the community as client” that you observed, participated in, or saw as a missed opportunity.
e. Based on this experience, what are some ethical considerations that should be included when preparing for a disaster?
f. Write two reflective paragraphs about this experience. What did you learn? What could be improved? How will this experience impact your clinical practice? This should demonstrate depth of thought.

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