Dilution of the entire culture | Homework Help

Question: Assume your professor handed you a test tube with 3.0 ml of an E.coli culture in it and told you to make a 10^(-3) dilution of the entire culture. Describe how you would do it.

Question: ION Relative Permeability [ION]in [ION]out Equilibrium Potential

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Dilution of the entire culture | Homework Help
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Na+      0.06           10 mM             120 mM         _________ mV

K+         1.0            130 mM             4mM             _________ mV

Cl-        0.90           20 mM            200 mM             _________ mV

Ca++    0.0       1 micrometer        10 mM                __________ mV

a) Approximate the membrane potential (Vm): _____ mV

b) Which ion did you use to get this value and why?

c) What vaue will the Vm reach during the peak of an action potential?

d) Now supply the true, accurate value of Vm using the numbers above:


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