Digital Literacy Narrative

Paper instructions

Compose a narrative about a significant experience or series of experiences you’ve had with a piece of technology, whether it be poignant, humorous, sad, or reflective. Through our lives we come into contact with and, often, are shaped by the technology we use. For better or worse, what piece of technology has made a significant impact on you?

Think broadly about the technology you have encountered in your life: watching cartoons on TV every Saturday with your siblings, finding and listening to music on an iPod, getting your first cell phone, learning how to code, interacting with others through an online network. These technologies pervade our lives but we don’t often stop to think about the influence they have on us. For this project, you will be reflecting on one of these experiences and its importance.

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Digital Literacy Narrative
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The assignment will serve two purposes. First, it is meant to prompt you to think reflectively about the technology in your life. And, second, it is my first opportunity to get a sense of who you are as a writer…your strengths, areas for improvement, etc.


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