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Paul G. Gurns

Western Governors University










Date:               05/20/2018











Table of Contents

  • Abstract 3
  • Proposed Project for Seamus Company 4

D1. Proposed Solution                                                                                                         4             D2. Case Study Review                                                                                                                   5

D3. Goals, Objectives, and Deliverables                                                                             6

D4. Projected Timeline                                                                                                        7

D5. Resources and Costs                                                                                                     8

D6. Outcome                                                                                                                       9

  1. Justification and Proposal Highlights 9








The following proposal has been prepared by HEA Ventures in response to the Course Build – Technology Enhancement RFP issued by the Seamus Corporation. The solution outlined in this proposal will meet Seamus objective of developing a technology based, interactive learning solution that enhances and automates their current processes.

HEA Ventures is proposing a solution that will leverage the current video gaming platform and learning resources that exist in their portfolio today. An assessment algorithm will be developed allowing Seamus to offer a custom learning experience to each learner by performing an initial assessment of their ability and then tracking their performance as the game progresses. The current video game will be modified and linked to existing learning resources allowing Seamus to combine the results from the assessment tool and video game progress to offer learning resources specifically tailored to help the learner gain proficiency in their unique area of deficiency.

Offering a custom-tailored learning experience that leverages both existing products and existing technology, creates benefit to Seamus in the form of lower cost and decreased time to market.  The Learner also benefits by being offered only the materials they need, without wasting time or money on things they don’t. The goal of this project is to increase the sales and profitability of Seamus Corporations learning resources and will be met by creating the win-win situation just described. This project is estimated to take 7 months and have a cost of $473,304 US Dollars.

HEA Ventures specializes leveraging technology to help companies be more efficient and profitable. It has expertise in many facets of technology across a broad range of industries. The company is passionate about helping individuals suceed and believes that when the end customer wins, we all win. HEA has performed similar projects with great success and helped companies like ABC publishing, a company that specializes in service repair manuals for the automotive aftermarket, transition from offering paper-based repair manuals to web based PDF’s. HEA has the core knowledge, passion, and experience needed to take ideas and make them a reality.

Main phases of the project include developing the assessment tool and algorithm, modifying the existing video game, building the social media interface, and implementing the ecommerce platform. Each phase is covered in detail in Section D3.

Proposed Project for Seamus Company

D1. Proposed Solution

To help Seamus meet their objectives of using technology to enhance and automate their current processes, HEA proposes leveraging the video game source code and learning resources already in place to keep costs at a minimum while maximizing efficiency and profit.

Specifically, HEA proposes to use a custom assessment tool and algorithm to identify areas of weakness in the Learner. Once identified, the data can be used to offer specific learning resources that will help the Learner progress through the given topic. The video game source code currently in their portfolio will be used to deliver the learning resources, track progress, and provide additional feedback regarding new learning resources that will benefit the learner. Social media will also be utilized in the form of a user forum and leader board allowing the Learner to track their progress and compare it to their peers. Peer groups could consist of classmates, coworkers, geographic regions etc. The spirited competition will drive the user to progress further throughout the game and drive sales of the learning resources.



D2. Case Study Review

According to, in game revenue in 2017 reached nearly $60 billion dollars. This is up almost 35% from 2016’s total of 43.5 billion and many analysts predict that revenue can reach 189 billion by the year 2020 (Perez 2018). Seamus corporation can capitalize on the popularity of these in game purchases by offering additional learning resources that will guide the Learner through the subject matter as well as facilitate progress through the stages of the video game.

Leaderboards will be used to track each Learners achievement and let them know how they compare to other Learners. Leaderboards add a social aspect to the game that encourages participation through competition and keeps them coming back for more which will in turn drive sales.

Dr. Richard Allan Bartle, a pioneer of the massively multiplayer online (MMO) gaming industry, conducted a study observing player behavior. Dr. Bartle concluded that there were 4 different types of play style interests. These 4 “Bartle Types” are known as Killers, Achievers, Explorers, and Socializers. Players fall into one or more of these classifications based on their motivation to participate in the game environment. Bartle types are a function of human personality rather than a trend and therefore likely to be relevant well into the future. Leaderboards will meet the needs of each Learner by providing a social experience that appeals to the Socializer and Explorer, and a competitive experience appealing to the Achiever and the Killer (Stuart 2011).

McGraw Hill is one of the top 3 educational publishers in the world. Founded in 1888, they were primarily a print-based business that realized in order to stay in business they needed to shift from a print-based business model to one based on technology and digital content. McGraw Hill uses an assessment tool called ALEKS. Developed by a team of software engineers, mathematicians, and cognitive scientists led by Dr. Jean-Claude Falmagne, ALEKS was designed to assesses each student and then offer them a selection of topics that they are ready to learn at that moment. According to a 2012 study conducted by Eze Nwaogu at the University of Georgia, ALEKS had a significant effect on the mathematical achievement in a college mathematics course and that the concepts mastery report generated by ALEKS was the main driver of their achievement (Nwaogu 2012).

D3. Goals, Objectives, and Deliverables

The goal of this project is to increase the sales of learning resources by creating an interactive learning platform and robust online community. Learning resources will be delivered digitally via the existing video game platform. Each learning resource will be custom tailored to meet the needs of each individual learner based on their current in game progress and the results of the assessment tool. Using this method, the learner only needs to purchase content that directly contributes to the learner meeting the goals and objectives of each lesson.  The project is broken down into 6 objectives. Each objective has unique deliverables that must be met in order for the project to be successful. The details of each can be found below.

  1. Objective 1: Create the assessment.
    1. Deliverable 1: Develop and test the assessment tool.
    2. Deliverable 2: Integrate in game progress into assessment algorithm.
  2. Objective 2: Modify existing games.
    1. Deliverable 1: Modify game content to synchronize with current learning resources.
    2. Deliverable 2: Map assessment results to available learning resources.
  3. Objective 3: Build social media.
    1. Deliverable 1: Create online user forum and dashboard.
    2. Deliverable 2: Create leaderboards.
  4. Objective 4: Implement ecommerce infrastructure
    1. Deliverable 1: Create an account with Steam Direct for digital publishing.
    2. Deliverable 2: Review and sign publishing contracts.
  5. Objective 5: Beta test full solution.
    1. Deliverable 1: Internal user testing.
    2. Deliverable 2: External user testing.
  6. Objective 6: Go live!
    1. Deliverable 1: Move from Development environment into production environment.


D4. Projected Timeline

The following project timeline assumes the proposal has been accepted and signed by 05/25/2018. If the project start is delayed, the timeline must be adjusted accordingly.

Deliverable Duration Projected Start Date Projected End Date
Develop and test assessment tool 90 days 06/01/2018 09/01/2018
Integrate game progress into assessment algorithm 30 days 09/03/2018 10/03/2018
Modify game content to synchronize with current learning resources 30 days 06/01/2018 07/01/2018
Map assessment results to current learning resources 30 days 09/01/2018 10/01/2018
Create online user forum and dashboard 30 days 10/01/2018 11/01/2018
Create leaderboards 14 days 11/01/2018 11/15/2018
Create an account with Steam Direct for digital publishing 4 days 10/01/2018 10/05/2018
Review and sign publishing contracts 14 days 10/01/2018 10/15/2018
Complete internal user testing 30 days 11/15/2018 12/15/2018
Complete external user testing 30 days 12/15/2018 01/15/2019
Move from development environment into production environment 15 days 01/16/2019 01/31/2018
Go live!   02/01/2019  


D5. Resources and Costs

The resources required for this project include game development labor, media conversion labor, graphic design labor, user testing, digital publishing fees, and legal review of the third-party contracts. (Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, 2018)

Description Unit Cost Quantity Duration Total
Project Mgmt. labor $202.52 1 1,344 hours $272,186
Application Programmer labor $104.77 1 960 hours $100,579
Application Engineer labor $140.90 1 480 hours $67,632
Web Developer labor $86.10 1 352 hours $30,307
Legal review labor $250.00 1 10 hours $2,500
Digital publishing fees – setup $100.00 1 One-time fee $100.00
Digital publishing fees – ongoing 30% of gross sales 1 Ongoing 30% of gross sales
GRAND TOTAL       $473,304 plus 30% of gross sales


D6. Outcome

Metric What will be measured What is the success measurement
Sales revenue Revenue generated from the sale of online learning resources $250,000 in revenue from the sale of online learning resources by the end of 2019


New user signup The number of registered users in the online community 100,000 registered users by the end of 2019


  1. Justification and Proposal Highlights

The Seamus Corporation is looking at technology to build and grow the brand in areas that have proven to be profitable. The joint venture between Seamus and TechFlite has produced a video game that has proven to be profitable and successful in major markets. The proposed web based interactive learning platform will leverage IT and the Internet to meet this goal. By modifying the already successful gaming platform HEA can turn it into an interactive learning system that will build a custom learning experience for each individual learner. The system will use in game purchases to deliver content to the user. Since only content that directly helps the individual will be presented, the user does not have to pay for content they don’t need thus creating loyalty to the brand. Each learners progress will be tracked, monitored, and available to the user in the form of various reports as well as on public facing leaderboards. These leaderboards will provide motivation and leverage basic human traits such as the desire to compete, socialize, and be recognized to drive sales. As Seamus roots are in the paper publishing arena, this project will change the way Seamus has historically approached the development and delivery of its content. It will create opportunity for Seamus to expand it’s share of the market as well as help people around the world learn at their own pace by delivering content that it structured and priced unique to their own needs. HEA can keep costs at a minimum by leveraging resources that already exist in the Seamus portfolio. Seamus success position them as leaders in the industry and help corner market share for years to come. HEA Ventures has carried out similar projects in other industries with great success. They have the technical knowledge, business acumen, and industry relationships to carry out this project both on time and on budget.








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Perez, S. (2018, January 05). App revenue climbed 35 percent to $60 billion in 2017. Retrieved from

Stuart, B. (2011, September 1). Personality and Play Styles: A Unified Model. Retrieved from





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