Differentiating between arthropods | Homework Help

Part B – Differentiating between arthropods

The phylum Arthropoda includes four major lineages: cheliceriforms (also called chelicerates); myriapods; insects and their relatives (together called hexapods); and crustaceans.

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Differentiating between arthropods | Homework Help
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Drag each word or phrase to the appropriate bin.

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Part C – Insect diversity

Insects are the most diverse group of organisms, in terms of numbers of species, dominating terrestrial habitats. More than 30 orders of insects have been described, with the order Coleoptera being the largest. Classification is based on traits such as wings and mouthparts. All insects have a three-part body plan consisting of a head, thorax, and abdomen; three pairs of walking legs; and one or two pairs of wings. The chart below indicates defining characteristics for eight of the more than 30 orders of insects.

Complete the chart by following these steps:

Drag blue labels onto blue targets only to identify wing characteristics.

Drag white labels onto white targets only to identify the type of development.

Drag pink labels onto pink targets only to identify examples of insects in each order.

Labels can be used once or not at all.


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