Differences between b and t-cell antigen receptors | Homework Help

1. In a concise table/chart compare the significant similarities, differences, cells, functions of the “Innate” and “Adaptive Immune Response.
2. Describe the similarities and the differences between B and T-cell antigen receptors.
3. What are the MHC molecules and what role(s) do they have in activation of antigen specific cells.
4. How is the enormously diverse number of B and T cell antigen receptors generated?
5. Discuss the following: “The interaction with self antigens selects some lymphocytes for survival but eliminates others”.
6. Describe the molecules and the functions of the various “complement” components after the cascade is activated.
7. Using a table/chart describe the functional biological and chemical differences of the various immunoglobulin isotypes (IgM, IgG subtypes, IgA, IgE, IgD).
8. Outline in chart form the differentiation/maturation of (a) stems cell to plasma cells and (b) stem cells to cytotoxic T cells. Use a “LEGEND” for explanation of the chart.
9. Distinguish the primary versus the secondary immune response to antigens.
10. What distinguishes the adaptive response to infectious agents from other antigens.
11. Broadly define the term “allergy”, contrasting it to the term “hypersensitivity”.

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Differences between b and t-cell antigen receptors | Homework Help
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