Difference between a genotype and a phenotype | Homework Help

1. Explain the difference between a genotype and a phenotype. Think or use a Punnett Square in your answer.
2. Think about the use of the Punnett square or your knowledge of meiosis. Explain how the evidence DNA profile and knowing the DNA profile of an offspring can lead to a parent as a suspect.
3. You are working next to the drying cabinet and notice a co-worker reaching in the pockets and finding several hundred dollar bills. The coworker explains the victim is dead and there are no known relatives. Should you split the money? Explain your answer.
4. You are testifying on some DNA evidence you analyzed. The defense asks if you are aware of the results of the latent print unit on a specific item. You are not qualified to perform latent print analysis and have not heard of any results, and answer as such. The defense then reads the latent print report and asks you to comment. What should you do?

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Difference between a genotype and a phenotype | Homework Help
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