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As a consequence of independent assortment (Mendel’s 2nd law) of chromosomes during meiosis, each mature gamete from an individual differs greatly in the combination of chromosomes inherited from the parents of that individual.

However, it could be a mistake to assume that every homologous chromosome that a gamete receives after meiosis is solely from the mother or father. Explain why this could be so using the following data.

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Diagram the homologous chromosomes | Homework Help
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A man with a dominant phenotype for a particular set of traits on the same chromosome, say finger length (F) and hair texture (H), with long fingers & curly hair dominant over short fingers and straight hair.

His wife shows the homozygous recessive phenotype for both traits, short fingers with straight hair and should produce gametes of the same genetic make-up. One of their children has the long finger and straight hair phenotype.

Diagram the homologous chromosomes, the gametes, any relevant events before and during gamete production and fertilization to support your argument explaining how this child could have this particular phenotype.


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