Diabetes in Hispanic population

Paper instructions

Topic for the paper is Diabetes in Hispanic population
Design and create a visually interesting and informative WIKI presentation. Different features including images, videos and other resources can be added .
Students will design and create a visually interesting and informative WIKI presentation using the following guidelines.
1. Identify a public health problem Diabetes in the Hispanic population)in a population at risk for health care disparity, include whether endemic versus epidemic.
2. Include the measures of risk and prevalence rates.
3. Propose a program to address this problem in the selected population utilizing your developed practice theory. Focus on intervention and prevention.
4. Explain the steps you would use to implement and evaluate this program. (Include how you would fund it).
5. Discuss the research and literature search that support your information and discuss your ethical concerns. Include epidemiological studies to support your thoughts.
6. Develop a plan to implement the activities and program and discuss the role of advance practice nursing.
7. Discuss an evaluation tool that you would use to measure the goals and objectives and as you develop this tool evaluate for the ability to measure your outcomes. Discuss reliability and validity.

APA format, 7th ed.

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Diabetes in Hispanic population
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