Determine the significance of the observation | Homework Help

Question: Determine the significance of the observation that knocking out MyD88abrogates increases in Factor B and C3a but knocking out of TRIF does not? Describe in molecular terms.


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Determine the significance of the observation | Homework Help
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Question: From these experiments can you determine the types of pathogens that caused sepsis in these mice?  What are the most likely activating TLR ligand(s)?  Explain and justify your answers to these two questions.


Question: What do these results suggest about the role of complement in septic shock?  Which complement pathway is involved and at what step(s) of complement activation is regulation by TLR having its effect?  Identify the key molecules and cells in the septic inflammatory response that are affected by complement activation and explain their role in sepsis.


Question: Why are C3a and Ba still present in sera from MyD88-/- mice?


Question: Why is it that the researchers cannot measure C3b in sera from the sepsis-induced mice?


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