Determine the appropriate adult day care model | Homework Help

1: the wellness model is built on which of the following?
a: intervention
b: adequate public health and social services
c: understanding risk factors
d:all of the above

2:john snow is famous for ?
a:tracing the risk of cholera outbreaks in london to the broad street pump.
b:inventing antibiotics
c:indentifying asbestos as a toxic substance
d: being the first leader of the environmental protection agency

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Determine the appropriate adult day care model | Homework Help
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3: when the first public health infrastructure was being established in the us, it was recomended that _______________ be established?
a:sanitary standards
b:a federal agency to oversee public health functions
c:a public health infrastructure was lacking
d:a presidential commission

4:in the us public health and private practice of medicene developed seprately because
a: americans favored private delievery of medical care over public health.
b:physicians were skeptical of the government taking control of medical practice.
c:a public health infrastructure was lacking
d:the practice of public health was not based on scientific methods.

5:what main purpose do clinical practice guidelines serve?
a: they ensure that services delievered are cost effective
b:they coordinate the delivery of htalth care between different practitioners
c:they assist practitioners in adopting a best practice approach.
d: they provide incentives for using standard protocols

6: they made aIDitional resources availble to the FDA and resulted in a shortened approval process for new drugs?
a:kefauver- harris drug amendments 1962
b: food and drug administration modernization act 1997
c:orphan drug act 1983
d: prescription drug user fee act 1992

7: under the DRG method of reimbursement , an acute care hospital is paid
a: a per dime rate based on the drg classification
b: a fixed amount for a particular DRG classification
c: a fixed amount for each day of care
d: an amount determined by resources used in treating a patient.

8: when an MCO adopts capitation as the primary method of payment, which service is likely to be carved out?
a: speciality care
b: gatekeeping
c: mental health
d: primary care

9: which adult day care model is the most appropriate for a patient who is recovering from a recent stroke?
a:social psycologial
b:health maintance
c: health promotion
d: health rehabiliative

10:most nursing homes in the us
a: have snf certification
b:have NF certification
c:are dually certified
d:are noncertified

11:how did americans with pre existing medical conditions obtaine health insurance before the passage of the patient protection and affordable care act?
a: through state high risk pools
b: through a special federal program
c:through insurance exchanges
d: they could not get health insurance



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