designing a stress management plan


Welcome to Unit 3! In unit 3 we will explore the roles of developing proper sleep hygiene and stress management techniques to support overall health and well-being. CSLOs: • CSLO 1: Identify and describe inner resources to strengthen mind-body connections • CSLO 2: Compare and contrast unhealthy lifestyle practices based on sound, evidence-based principles of a holistic wellness model. • CSLO 3: Define and describe health challenges to the mind-body-spirit and holistic methods to prevent and manage these challenges. Reading  Invitation to Holistic Health 9781284105483 Chapter 4: “Sleep and Rest” Chapter 6: “Flowing with the Reality of Stress” Unit 3: Resources Attached Files:  HED3200 Ch 4 6 ONLINE.pptx  (2.481 MB)  Perceived Stress and Dietary Choices.pdf  (282.299 KB) Sleep Habits and Stress Management PowerPoint (attached) “Perceived stress and dietary choices: The moderating role of stress management” (attached) What would a morning and evening gratitude practice look like to you? How would it improve your sleep hygiene, stress management, and overall outlook on life? Required 6 short responses, including references. Keep in mind, I have 4 children ranging from 16 to 4 years old. Three of them are currently doing remote learning, except the 4 year old who goes to daycare 5 days a week. I have a full-time job and currently a full-time student. Husband is long distance truck driver. Unit 3 AS: Designing a Stress Management Plan Attached Files:  HED 3200 U3 AS Instructions (1).docx  (75.702 KB) AS Description: Create a wellness/stress management plan for an individual facing several barriers to achieving an optimal state of health. AS Instructions: See attached document.

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designing a stress management plan
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