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For this part of the final exam I would like you to choose a topic from the choices below and write a thoughtful, detailed response. Your response should be thorough enough to allow others to engage in a thoughtful and interesting conversation. Take time to really consider the question, what it means to you on a personal level and do some research to back up your opinion (using quality sources, I won’t make you do full citations but you should mention where you got the information). Some of you may be surprised to find that not everything you’ve heard is entirely true if you spend time really looking into the issues. I expect everyone to be respectful, and use proper internet etiquette while discussing these topics. You will lose points if this becomes a problem, it is your responsibility to act as professionals. In addition to your own post, you will be expected to, at a minimum, engage thoughtfully at least 3 times with other students. To engage thoughtfully means to add something new to the conversation, if you have not done so, your response will not count. Topics: 1) Should all scientific research be made open access? Open access refers to peer-reviewed scholarly research that is available, unrestricted, to anyone with an internet connection. 2) Genetic testing and the idea of genetic responsibility. 3) Genetically modified organisms. 4) Designer babies. 5) Stem cells and/or cloning. 6) The human genome project. 7) Creating a live antibiotic (using one bacteria to kill another) 8) Gene therapy. 9) Antibiotics use. 10) Prenatal genetic screening. Just as a general reminder when constructing your posts/ responses. If you decide to do the bare minimum which would be 4 posts, each post would be worth 25% of this portion of the test or 12.5pts. So make sure you’re writing posts that are worthy of 25% of an exam grade. That means they should be more than just a definition or statement with no solid evidence to support your opinion. I expect collegiate level responses with sound scientific reasoning used to express your responses.

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Designer Babies Assignment | Online Homework Help
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