Describing natural selection | Homework Help

-Neither Wallace nor Darwin discussed genes when describing natural selection. Why?

-Provide three types of evidence (from different sub disciplines in biology) that scientists commonly use to provide support for the theory of evolution.

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Describing natural selection | Homework Help
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-What biochemical clues support the idea that all living things evolved from one common ancestor?

-A hospital uses a new cleaner to disinfect surfaces. Within a few years, many patients are developing infections from a bacterium that is resistant to the disinfectant. How does this happen?

-A population of grasshoppers in the Kansas prairie has two color types: green and brown. Typically the prairie receives enough rainfall to maintain healthy, green grass. Assume a bird species that eats grasshoppers moves into the prairie. How will this affect the natural selection of the grasshopper? How might this change in a drought year, when the grass turns brown?




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