Describe the background of the problem | Homework Help

Write a paper of 500-750 words on “Problems in Adopting Electronic Health Record”. The paper should aIDress the following:

Describe the background of the problem. Tell the story of the issue and why it deserves attention.

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Describe the background of the problem | Homework Help
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identify the stakeholders/change agents. Who, or what organizations, are concerned, may benefit from, or are affected by this proposal. List the interested parties, patients, students, agencies, Joint Commission, etc.
Use PICOT question.

State the purpose and project objectives in specific, realistic, and measurable terms. The objective should aIDress what is to be gained. This is a restatement of the question, providing focus. Measurements need to be taken before and after the evidence-based practice is introduced to identify the expected changes.

5) Provide supportive rationale that the problem or issue is an important one for nursing to resolve using relevant professional literature sources.

Develop an initial reference list to assure that there is adequate literature to support your evidence-based practice project.

7) The majority of references should be research articles. However, national sources such as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), Department of Health and Human Resources (HHS), or the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and others may be used when you are gathering statistics to provide the rationale for the problem.

8) Plagiarism must be less than 10%

9) You must include permalink on references


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