Define the disorder and discuss its etiology and prevalence | Homework Help

First step is to submit a proposal due Sunday at 7pm. Here is the instructions for the proposal: Submit a brief statement to the mentor (1-2 paragraphs) identifying the sleep disorder you intend to research. Explain your reasons for choosing this disorder, and list at least three reliable sources you plan to consult, citing them correctly according to APA style
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Instructions for research paper: Must be done in APA style

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Define the disorder and discuss its etiology and prevalence | Homework Help
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Submit a research paper (10 pages minimum, with references) on the sleep disorder identified in Step 1.

In your paper:

· Define the disorder, and discuss its etiology and prevalence.

· Describe the current therapy and diagnostic techniques for the disorder.

· Compare and contrast the symptoms and treatment of the disorder in the adult and pediatric population (if appropriate).

· Detail your specific roles and responsibilities as a polysomnographic technician in relation to patients with this type of disorder (e.g., any special precautions you need to be aware of, specific assessment techniques you might use, and so forth).

· Describe the PSG findings you might expect to see with the disorder.

Attachment:- obstructive_sleep_apnea_syndrome.rar


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