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Question 1. When Bobby Kuhn fell out of a tree, the bone in his arm was bent and partially broken. Dr. Grafton described this as a/an ________________________fracture and told the family that this type of fracture occurs primarily in children.
Question 2. Eduardo Sanchez was treated for an inflammation of the bone and bone marrow. The medical tem for this condition is_____________________________.
Question 3. Beth Hubert’s breast cancer spread to her bones. These new sites are referred toas__________________________ ______________________ _____________________
Question 4. Mrs. Morton suffers from dowager’s hump. The medical term for this abnormal curvature of the spine is___________________________________.
Question 5. Henry Turner wears a brace to compensate for the impaired function of his leg. The medical term for this orthopedic appliance is a/an_______________________________.

Question 6. As the result of a head injury in an auto accident, Sam Cheng required a/an __________________________to relieve the rapidly increasing intracranial pressure.
Question 7. Mrs. Gilmer has leukemia and requires a bone marrow transplant. Part of the treatment was the harvesting of her bone marrow so she could receive it later as a/an _____________________bone marrow transplant.
Question 8. Betty Greene has been running for several years; however, now her knees hurt. Dr. Morita diagnosed her condition as_________________________, which is an abnormal softening of the cartilage in these joints.
Question 9. Patty Turner (age 7) has symptoms that include a skin rash, fever, slowed growth, fatigue, and swelling in the joints. She was diagnosed as having juvenile ______________________arthritis.
Question 10. Heather Lewis has a very sore shoulder. Dr. Plunkett diagnosed this as an inflammation of the bursa and said that Heather’s condition is _______________________________.
Question 11. Abnormal hardening of bone is known as ______________________________ .
Question 12. The surgical removal of a rib or ribs is a/an______________________________.
Question 13. Any disease of cartilage is known as____________________________________.
Question 14. A surgical incision into a joint is a/an______________________________ _____.
Question 15. Inflammation of cartilage is known as___________________________________.
Question 16. The surgical removal of a joint is known as_______________________________.
Question 17. Inflammation of more than one joint is a/an__________________________.
Question 18. Any disease involving the bones and joints is known as______________________.
Question 19. A surgical incision or division of a rib or ribs is a/an_________________________.
Question 20. Abnormal softening of the skull is known as_______________________________.
Question 24. Define the abbreviation BMT.
Question 25. Define the abbreviation CR.
Question 26. Define the abbreviation Fx.

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Define the abbreviation ra | Homework Help
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Question 27. Define the abbreviation RA.

Question 28. Define the abbreviation TM.J
Question 29. The term meaning the death of bone tissue is
a. osteitis deformans
b. osteomyelitis
c. osteonecrosis
d. osteoporosis
Question 30. An abnormal increase in the forward curvature of the lumbar spine is known as
a. kyphosis
b. lordosis
c. scoliosis
d. spondylosis

Question 31. The condition known as _______________ is a congenital defect.
a. juenile arthritis
b. osteoarthritis
c. rheumatoid arthritis
d. spina bifida

Question 32. A type of cancer that occurs in blood-making cells found in the red bond marrow is known as a/an
a. chondroma
b. Ewing’s sarcoma
c. myeloma
d. osteochondroma

Question 33. The bulging deposit that forms around the area of the break during the healing of a fractured bone is a
a. callus
b. crepitation
c. crepitus
d. luxation
Question 34. A/An ____________________________________is performed to gain access to the brain or to relieve intracranial pressure.
Question 35. The partial displacement of a bone from its joint is known as____________________________.
Question 36. The procedure that stiffens a joint by joining two bones is______________________________. This is also known as surgical ankylosis.
Question 37. The surgical placement of an artificial joint is known as_________________________________.
Question 38. A medical term for the condition commonly known as a bunion is________________________.


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