Define the abbreviation luq | Homework Help

Question 1. Define the abbreviation HD.
Question 2. Define the abbreviation CD.
Question 3. Define the abbreviation GP.
Question 4. Define the abbreviation LUQ.
Question 5. Define the abbreviation CH.
Question 6. The term meaning situated nearest the midline or beginning of a body structure
a. distal
b. lateral
c. medial
d. proximal

Question 7. The term meaning situated in the back
a. anterior
b. posterior
c. superior
d. ventral
Question 8. The body is divided into anterior and posterior portions by the ______________ plane.
a. frontal
b. horizontal
c. sagittal
d. transverse

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Define the abbreviation luq | Homework Help
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Question 9. The body is divided into equal vertical left and right halves by the ______________ plane.
a. coronal
b. midsagittal
c. sagittal
d. transverse

Question 10. Part of the elbow is formed by the ____________ end of the humerus.
a. distal
b. lateral
c. medial
d. proximal

Question 11. ___________________________is a genetic variation that is associated with characteristic facial appearance, learning disabilities, and physical abnormalities such as heart valve disease.
Question 12. The study of the functions of the structures of the body is known as_______________________.
Question 13. The heart and the lungs are surrounded and protected by the _______________________cavity.
Question 14. An unfavorable response to prescribed medical treatment, such as severe burns resulting from radiation therapy, is known an a/an ________________________illness.
Question 15. The genetic structures located within the nucleus of each cell are known as_________________.These structures are made up of the DNA molecules containing the body’s genes.

Question 16. Mr. Tseng died of cholera during a suIDen and widespread outbreak of this disease in his village. Such an outbreak is described as being a/an__________________________________________.

Question 17. Brenda Farmer’s doctor could not find any physical changes to explain her symptoms. The doctor refers to this as a/an ______________________________disorder.
Question 18. Gerald Carlson was infected with hepatitis B through ________________________transmission.
Question 19. To become a specialist in the study and analysis of cells, Lee Wong signed up for courses in ____________________.
Question 20. Malaria and West Nile virus are spread by mosquitoes. This is known as ___________________ transmission.
Question 21. Jose Ortega complained of pain in the lower right area of his abdomen. Using the system that divides the abdomen into four sections, his doctor recorded the pain as being in the lower right _____________________________________.
Question 22. Ralph Jenkins was very sick after drinking contaminated water during a camping trip. His doctor says that he contracted the illness through _________________________________transmission.
Question 23. Tracy Ames has a blaIDer inflammation. This organ of the urinary system is located in the ____________________________cavity.
Question 24. Mrs. Reynolds was diagnosed as having inflammation of the peritoneum. The medical term for this condition is __________________________________.
Question 25. Ashley Goldberg is fascinated by genetics. She wants to specialize in this field and is studying to become a/an__________________________________.
Question 26. The term meaning the surgical repair of a muscle is_________________________________.
Question 27. The term meaning muscle pain is______________________________.
Question 28. The term meaning an abnormal condition of the stomach is__________________________.

Question 29. The term meaning inflammation of the larynx is____________________________________.
Question 30. The term meaning the surgical removal of part of a muscle is a/an_____________________.
Question 31. The term meaning pain in the stomach is________________________________.

Question 32. The term meaning surgical removal of the larynx is_________________________________.
Question 33. The term meaning an abnormal condition of the kidney is___________________________.

Question 34. The medical term meaning surgical repair of a nerve is______________________________.

Question 35. The term meaning inflammation of the kidney is___________________________________


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