Define the abbreviation dtr | Homework Help

Question 1. Define the abbreviation CTS .
Question 2. Define the abbreviation DTR.
Question 3. Define the abbreviation ROM.
Question 4. Define the abbreviation RSD.
Question 5. Define the abbreviation SCI.

Question 6. The term __________________________________means the rupture or tearing of a muscle.

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Define the abbreviation dtr | Homework Help
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Question 7. The term meaning the degeneration of muscle tissue is_________________________.

Question 8. The term _______________________means abnormally increased muscle function or activity.

Question 9. A/An __________________________injury can be a strain or tear on any of the three muscles that straighten the hip and bend the knee.

Question 10. The specialized soft-tissue manipulation technique used to ease the pain of conditions such a fibromyalgia syndrome, movement restrictions, and temporomandibular joint disorders is known as_______________________________.

Question 11. An inflammation of the tissues surrounding the elbow is known as_________________________.
Question 12. The movement during which the knees or elbows are bent to decrease the angle of the joints is known as___________________________________.
Question 13. Pain in the leg muscles that occurs during exercise and is relieved by rest is known as ___________________________________. This condition is due to poor circulation and is associated with peripheral vascular disease.
Question 14. A weakness or slight muscular paralysis is known as_________________________.
Question 15. A stiff neck due to spasmodic contraction of the neck muscles that pull the head toward the affected side is known as ______________________________or wryneck.
Question 16. George Quinton developed a swelling on the outer surface of his wrist. The doctor diagnosed this as being a/an ___________________________and explained that this was harmless fluid-filled swelling.
Question 17. Raul Valladares has a protrusion of a muscle substance through a tear in the fascia surrounding it. This condition is known as a/an_____________________________.
Question 18. Louisa Ferraro experienced ___________________________of her leg muscles due to the disuse of these muscles over a long period of time.
Question 19. Jasmine Franklin has___________________________. This is a condition in which there is diminished tone of the skeletal muscles.
Question 20.  Carolyn Goodwin complained of profound fatigue that is not improved by bed rest and was made worse by physical or mental activity. After ruling out other causes, her physician diagnosed her condition as being ___________________________syndrome

Question 21. Chuan Lee, who is a runner, required treatment for_____________________________. This condition is a painful inflammation of the Achilles tendon caused by excessive stress being placed on that tendon.

Question 22. For the first several days after his fall, Bob Hill suffered severe muscle pain. This condition is known as___________________________________.
Question 23. Jorge Guendulay could not play for his team because of a/an__________________________. This is a painful condition caused by the muscle tearing away from the tibia.
Question 24. Due to a spinal cord injury, Marissa Giannati suffers from _____________________________, which is paralysis of all four limbs.
Question 25. Duncan McDougle has slight paralysis on one side of his body. This condition, which was caused by a stroke, is known as___________.

Question 26. Any abnormal condition of skeletal muscles is known as__________________________.

Question 27. Pain in several muscle groups is known as_____________________________.

Question 28. The death of individual muscle fibers is known as_____________________________.
Question 29. Surgical suturing of torn fascia is known as__________________________________.
Question 30. Based on word parts, the removal of multiple muscles is known as________________________.
Question 31. The surgical attachment of a fascia to another fascia or to a tendon is known as ___________________.

Question 32. Inflammation of the muscle of the heart is known as _____________________________.
Question 33. The surgical removal of fascia is a/an_________________________________.
Question 34. The surgical suturing of a defect in a muscular wall, such as the repair of a hernia, is a/an _________________________.

Question 35. An incision into a sphincter muscle is a/an__________________________________


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