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I am providing an excel data collection spreadsheet I need data analysis via SPSS and ANOVA. I am providing the analysis needed. I will need the tables please. My project is about medication compliance 60 non-compliant patients were selected and divided into 2 groups 30 with intervention(a weekly phone call and the administration of a 5 question medication compliance scale MAS) and 30 no intervention


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Data analysis for a Comparison Study Assignment | Get paper Help
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Aspiration pneumonia among institutionalized older adults is a serious public health issue. In skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), standard practices do not exist for oral hygiene, so oral care is inconsistent. The purpose of this quantitative, quasi-experimental project was to determine if or to what degree the implementation of Sutter’s oral hygiene protocol would impact aspiration pneumonia rates and look at compliance rates of the protocol used by nursing compared to current practices among adults age 65 and up residing in a SNF in urban New Jersey over six weeks. The theoretical foundation of the project utilized Kathrine Kolcaba’s comfort theory. The total sample size was 112, n=55 in the comparative group and n= 57 in the implementation group. Data was extrapolated from the facility’s electronic health record (EHR). To analyze the comparison and implementation group data, A Chi-squared test  was used, and results showed that X2 (1, N  = 112) = 0.007,  p =. 932. The p-value of .932 showed no statistically significant difference between the rate of aspiration pneumonia for the comparative versus implementation groups. The independent t-test was run to analyze the compliance rates of the nurses use of the protocol. Results revealed t (110) = -17.101, p =.0001, meaning there was a statistically significant improvement regarding compliance of the protocol. Despite the lack of statistical significance in a reducing rates aspiration pneumonia, there is clinical significance in the nurses adherence to the protocol thus improving daily oral care. Therefore, it is recommended that the project is sustained at the project site and further analysis conducted to show statistical significance over a longer period of time.

Keywords: Sutter’s oral hygiene, aspiration pneumonia prevention, skilled nursing facilities, older adults



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