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Customer behaviours
Answer this 6 questions below;

1.A marketer of health foods is attempting to segment its market on the basis of Australian consumers’ self-image. Describe the four types of consumer self-image and discuss which one(s) would be most effective for the stated purpose.
2.Describe the type of promotional message that would be most suitable for: (a) highly dogmatic consumers (b) inner directed consumers (c) consumers with high optimum stimulation levels (d) consumers with a high degree of cognition (e) consumers who are visualisers vs consumers who are verabalisers.
3.Find three print advertisements based on Freudian personality theory. Discuss how Freudian concepts are used in these ads. Do any of the ads "personify" a brand? If so, how?
4.How does sensory adaptation affect advertising comprehension? How can marketers overcome sensory adaptation and increase the likelihood that consumers will notice their ads?
5.Megan is a 29-year-old, single investment banker who lives in an apartment in a large city. After a particularly difficult, long workday, she relaxed in her apartment by reading through one business and two fashion magazines. When questioned by a researcher the next day, she could clearly recall two holiday ads and vaguely remembered one ad for a personal computer from among the nearly 100 ads she had seen in the three magazines. However, she could recount in detail the articles she read and even recalled the titles of articles that she did not read. How can you explain this?
6.Describe how manufacturers of chocolate bars can apply their knowledge of differential threshold to packages and prices during periods of: a) Rising ingredient costs b) Increasing competition c) Heightened consumer awareness regarding nutrition and ingredient labelling.

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Customer behaviours | Homework Help
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