Current evidence indicates that schizophrenia results from | Homework Help

1) Current evidence indicates that schizophrenia results from

        genetic factors
        environmental factors
        multiple causes that involveboth genetic and environmental factors
        completely unknownfactors

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Current evidence indicates that schizophrenia results from | Homework Help
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2) If you sent the word “banana” to a split-brain patient’s lefthemisphere and the word “cucumber” to his right hemisphere, whichof the following would he be able to name verbally?

        both of the items
        neither of the items
        only the banana
        only the cucumber

3) An elderly person has a stroke that leaves her unable to talkand part of her body paralyzed. Which part of the body is mostlikely to be paralyzed?

        right side
        left side
        upper body
        lower body

4) Nadine had a stroke that was confined to the right side of herbrain. Based on hemispheric lateralization studies you might expectthat Nadine would have the most problems with tasks thatrequire

        spatial skills, such asfitting together puzzle pieces
        language andcommunication
        fine motor coordination
        mathematics and logicalreasoning skills

5) Zoe has a small brain tumor that is pressing on areas in herright frontal lobe. You would most likely suspect that Zoe willexperience difficulties

        moving some portions of theleft side of her body
        hearing sounds that arelocated to her left
        moving some portions of theright side of her body
        tasting foods in the rightside of her mouth

6) Monique is not able to understand spoken language. If Monique’sproblem stems from damage to the cerebral cortex, the damage wouldmost likely be in

        an area known as Broca’sarea
        the cerebellum
        an area known as Wernicke’sarea
        the right parietal lob

7) Some theorists believe that a sort of “executive controlsystem,” which is responsible for monitoring, directing, andorganizing thought processes, is housed in the

        corpus callosum
        prefrontal cortex
        medial forebrain bundle

8) Theodore suffered a stroke recently, and now he finds heconstantly hears a buzzing sound in his ears. In this case, it islikely that the stroke occurred in Theodore’s

        temporal lobe
        right frontal lobe
        occipital lobe
        left parietal lobe

9) When this lobe of the brain is electrically stimulated peoplereport physical sensations, as if they had been touched, forexample, on the arm.


10) The next time you have an itch on your foot, the itch sensationwill be sensed in your ____ lobe and the ____ lobe will transmitthe message to move your hand and arm to scratch the itch.

        parietal; frontal
        frontal; parietal
        temporal; frontal
        parietal; occipital


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