Current Events in Education

Paper instructions

This is presentation I need Power point slides,7 Power point Slides,. Presentation needs to have supporting images, images are used to support the statements images, needs to have text and images (pull of the internet). I need 4 references : 2 sources should be from articles and 2 should be from websites, Citation should be 2014-2019. Please read the Rubric below for Current Event Project. Presentation should be appealing to the eye, and interesting to read. I need A on this paper. so please complete this presentation properly. I am sending in the drop files instruction for Current Events instructions (Project 1 and Project 2), and i this read the rubric for Current Event Project. And second one in the drop file I am sending Complete Issues in Education Project#1 and Project #2, and it should not be plagiarized, I need A on this paper. Use supporting images in the presentations images are used to support the statements, images need to have text and images (pull of the internet). Please read the instructions carefully, and read the Rubric for Current Event Project, and please read the 2 files in the Drop Files and instructions properly and do accordingly the presentations. If you have questions then please let me know.I want A on this paper. And make sure it is not plagiarized. This presentation is for Education Class.

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Current Events in Education
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