Current Event Essay


you will need to choose one newspaper or magazine article. The article must be about an environmental issue. You will need to write a four paragraph, double-spaced, 12 font, reflection of the article. The paper should have an overview of the topic, your reasons for selecting the piece, interest, personal experience, etc, your opinion of the information presented, i.e. reading the article carefully for bias from the author and critically evaluating the voice of the author, is the author stating fact or inserting her/his opinion, analyze the data sample used, is the source credible or non-credible, why or why not, and specific utilization of the information in an educational setting. How would you teach this current event information to your class? Be specific. Include ideas for activities you might have your students do in class to further their understanding of the information presented in the article. You must provide a link to the article you choose.

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Current Event Essay
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