Cultural Road Trip Step 1 — Guide- Page #1

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Cultural Road Trip Step 1 — Guide- Page #1
The Cultural Road Trip is an opportunity for you to explore arts resources near where you live or, if you happen to be traveling, near your destination. The first step is exploring what opportunities are available to you. This week, as a first step, you will research what art galleries, museums, public art, concert halls, theaters, dance and live music venues, libraries and books stores are near you and create a short guide to these opportunities.

1. Use an online search engine, such as Google, to search for the terms above in your area. For example, you might search for “Jacksonville live music”; “Fort Meyers readings”; “Melbourne art galleries”; “Brevard museums”; “Culter Bay Theater.” You can also try searching for a local “arts calendar” or “events calendar.”
2. Look through your local newspaper for an events calendar.
3. Call your local library to ask about local arts events. Ask the librarian if they have any books by local authors. If there is a bookstore in your area, call there as well. Even if there is not a reading (where authors read there books to the public), you can check out or purchase a book by a local author and write about that.
4. If you have a local record store or music store, call to see if they can recommend any local musicians. You might be able to find there recordings online. Search for local bands online.
5. Call your local chamber of commerce or municipal government to ask about arts events as well as public art — local statues, monuments, and notable architecture count as art too!
6. Search for art cinema in your area. These are theaters that show what are called art films. Also, see if there might be a local film festival in your area. Sometimes mainstream movie theaters will show one or two art films as well. Now sure if a film you are thinking about counts as an art film or a local film? Check with your instructor.
7. If you or a family member or friend owns an original work of art or is performing in a recital at a school or in a community venue — that counts too!
8. Stumped? Contact your instructor for help.
9. Do your best to identify at 3-5 potential opportunities for your cultural road trip. If you cannot, describe your efforts and what they turned up (or did not turn up).
10. Write a MINIMUM of 250 words describing the cultural opportunities in your area. Please write separate paragraphs or blurbs for each opportunity. Include events that take place at other times of the year, even though you will not be able to attend for your cultural road trip this term.
11. At the end of each blurb, include the address where the opportunity takes place, the time and date of any events, the admission or ticket price, if any, and a link to more information, if available.
Cultural Road Trip Step 2 — Plan- Page #2
The Cultural Road Trip is an opportunity for you to explore arts resources near where you live or, if you happen to be traveling, near your destination. The second step is planning your trip. This week, you will identify a gallery, museum, work of public art; a performance of dance, music, or theater; an art film or a literary reading near you that you will attend (ideally by the end of week 3) and write up a 1-page plan for your visit. You must include at least 3 outside sources from the Library databases.
1. Choose one artwork or event from the cultural resource guide you prepared last week. Identify this as your Cultural Road Trip destination.
2. Include the information about location, date and time, and cost.
3. Identify which arts discipline your cultural road trip will explore: dance, film, literature, music, theater, visual art.
4. Research the context for your cultural road trip. See if you can find out during what time period and in what part of the world the work was created. Can you gather any information about why the work was created?
5.Review the 5 Things to Look/Listen for Tool for that discipline onto your plan. For each of the 5 elements, consider what you will look for on your cultural road trip.
6. Write a one-page plan, giving the basic information about your cultural road trip (where you are going, when, what it will cost, if anything), any context you can find about your destination, and a list of 5 things you will be looking or listening for when you go.
7. If you cannot complete your Cultural Road Trip in the first 3 weeks (because of your schedule or because your event will not take place until later in the term), complete the plan anyway and note the date and time you will complete your trip.
THE TRIP TOOK PLACE TODAY, January 23, 2020. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Cultural Road Trip Step 1 — Guide- Page #1
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