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Question #1
According to the Cultural Competency Continuum presented in class, there are five stages in the journey towards achieving cultural competence. These stage are:
Stage 1. Cultural Insensitivity
Stage 2. Cultural Awareness
Stage 3. Cultural Sensitivity
Stage 4. Cultural Competency
Stage 5. Cultural Integration
this area? Explain why you chose these strategies.
Answer the following parts of this question:
A. In which stage do you consider yourself to be?
B. Give at least two (2) examples of behaviors or perceptions that place you at that
C. In which stage were you this time last year? Explain.
D. Did the EPP2 course (this one) contributed to your level of knowledge or skills in
E. Identify two (2) strategies you could use to move to a higher stage? Be specific.
• Not aware of cultural difference. Ignorant of cultural impacts.
• Self-examination of your own culture; exploring what these discoveries
mean; learn facts about cultures, especially related to health and health
• Recognizing and understanding cultural-specific issues; respecting
patients as human beings; beginning to communicate in a cross-cultural
fashion; understanding implications of culture on health behaviors.
• Routinely employ culturally-appropriate health care interventions and
• Practice with cultural competence and integrate it into one’s research
and scholarship activities.
2020 Comprehensive Reflective Assessment (continued)
Question #2 How do define health literacy? (Be sure to write your own definition; do not use a formal
definition you have found elsewhere)
Question #3 Briefly review a summary of one of the “Medicare for All” proposals submitted as a bill to the U. S. Congress or one of the Presidential candidate’s proposal. Please note your response to the third part of this question may take a positive or negative perspective of this idea. Either way, you will need to back-up your viewpoint. Be sure to state which proposal you are discussing.
o What are the pros of the “Medicare for All” proposal you reviewed? o What are the negatives of the “Medicare for All” proposal you reviewed? o How do you think our profession would fare under a “Medicare for all” system?
CONFLICT MANAGEMENT {4 points} Question #4 Please review the conflict case below. How should it be resolved? Be sure to follow the conflict management methods presented in class when presenting your solution. Make it easy to follow your steps
Dr. Barry Bleidt (pharmacy manager): develops a schedule for the pharmacy
Dr. Goar Alvarez (staff pharmacist): “Dr. Bleidt, that schedule doesn’t work for me. It
interferes with other tasks I’m working on – I have to get lectures done for next week and need time to prepare those”
Dr. Bleidt (pharmacy manager): “Well Dr. Alvarez, we have to take care of patients that are
coming to clinic on the date / time I scheduled for you. You’ll have to work on your lecture at another time”
Dr. Alvarez (staff pharmacist): “Well I can’t do three things at the same time. This is way
too much work and I don’t get paid extra to do this. You also asked me to cover for Dr. Pham who will be coming in late tomorrow, to attend a health fair and to close the pharmacy. How do you expect me to do all this? Something’s got to give. Something is not going to get done .”
Dr. Bleidt (pharmacy manager): “Dr. Alvarez, please focus on what you were asked to do
and follow the Schedule “
Your reflection should be formatted in the same matter as the questions, with the question number listed and the corresponding answer given below it. The answer to each question should provide evidence of a deep reflection and critical thinking on the topic.

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