critique on Confessions Of an Ugly Stepsister and other fairy tales


Prompt: Consider Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister as a critique of: 1) the traditional Cinderella story, 2) princess and prince stories generally (Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and similar), and 3) US and European cultures. Your task in this paper is to take one aspect of Confessions (a character type, as is mothers, or suitors, or fathers, a trait, as in capitalism, or beauty as a commodity, or ugliness as a burden, or a theme, as in what, presumably, women or men want, or the presence and need for magic) and trace that aspect through arenas 1-3. By trace, I mean identify and analyze something from Confessions in and across the arenas 1-3. I want 4 or more pages. Make each sentence count. If it adds nothing or little, eliminate it. Check your logic; rely on analysis of the examples provided, as much as possible, and on conjecture, what you believe to be true, as little as possible. Your conclusion should indicate, based on your analysis, the relevance of Confession’s critique. notes: you have to draw critiques of fairy tales from Confessions of an ugly stepsister the book. critiques on capitalism. critiques on how women are treated. on materialism. on beauty. here are my notes for the paper, they are a good place to start. Western european/US ideology: treating ruth as essentially nothing because of the way she “looks” as if that is the only value that warrents worth, when in fact she narrates the entire book, which no other character can claim. She is told she is ugly and stupid so much that she eventually believes it. “Now Caspar Dutifully cares for his ugly sister-in-law”. Clara on the other handed is treated as if she is a queen due to her looks yet, ironically this has gotten her into troubling situations. Fairy Tales: – there is no magic or other wordly powers at play as many other fairy tales usually have. Just capitalism, materialism, and societies other sins. misogony, privileged men with status and power treating others as less than. you cant talk about fairy tales in general without talking about 2 or three other fairy tales. it has to start with confessions Cinderella: – the characters are far more dynamic in this book, where in cinderella its literally like this is the evil stepmother, she is always evil. this is sweet cinderella shes always sweet. in this book, the stepmother does “evil” things in the name of her wellbeing and the survival of her daughters. she is definitely still evil, but these reasons are clearer and we are able to empathize with them a tad more. Clara is the cinderella in this, and she is very privileged, but also has been through some shit. she is weathered. she is far more mature then she should be. (in the paper, cite it throughout)

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critique on Confessions Of an Ugly Stepsister and other fairy tales
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