Critical Thinking & Test your Ethical IQ


Respond to both parts below: Critical Thinking and Test Your Ethiquette IQ Critical Thinking: Ethical Issue: Although they don’t actually pay people to act as fans on social networks and entice their friends to do so as well, some marketers employ machines, called bots, to inflate the number of their fans and followers online. In third world countries, businesses trafficking in fake profiles, the so-called click farms, are selling 1,000 followers for $10. Social networks try to respond by deleting fake accounts, and the likes earned in the process vanish too. Google has introduced an algorithm to eliminate spammers and other abusers of its systems, and Facebook and Twitter will probably follow suit.85 Why do some businesses resort to such measures? What might be the consequences of faking fans? How do you feel about companies and their brands pretending that they have actual traffic on their sites? Test Your Etiquette IQ: (Do not just respond true or false. Elaborate on my you think it is either true or false) New communication platforms and casual workplace environments have blurred the lines of appropriateness, leaving workers wondering how to navigate uncharted waters. Indicate whether the following statements are true or false. Then see if you agree with the responses on p. R-1. 1. Because e-mail is not transmitted on letterhead stationery and is rather casual, it doesn’t require you to apply the same formal standards that you use for other office correspondence. True False 2. If you receive an e-mail from Kevin that contains important information that Lisa should know, you should take advantage of the forwarding function by sending the message on to Lisa, thus saving you the trouble of rekeying the important parts. True False 3. At a business lunch in a restaurant, you should place your cell phone on the table so that you can answer it quickly without bothering patrons at other tables. True False

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Critical Thinking & Test your Ethical IQ
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