Critical Thinking


Module #5 include following chapters Chapter 11: American Psychology and Functionalism Chapter 12: Behaviorism Chapter 13: Neobehaviorism 1. The main PURPOSE of this module is… 2. The key QUESTION(S) at the heart of the module is/are … 3. The most important INFORMATION in this module is … 4. The main INFERENCE(S) in this module is/are… 5. The key CONCEPT(S) we need to understand in this module is/are…By these concepts the author means … 6. The main ASSUMPTION(S) underlying the author’s thinking is/are… 7. The main POINT OF VIEW(S) presented in this module is/are__. 8a. If people take seriously what this author is saying, some important IMPLICATIONS of this module are… 8b. If we fail to accept what the author is saying, some important IMPLICATIONS of this module are…

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Critical Thinking
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Note : Answer should be on point wise (just continue with those points)  Text: Title: Hergenhahn’s An Introduction to the History of Psychology Edition: 8th ed. Author: Henley, Tracy Year: 2019 Publisher: Cengage Learning ISBN 978-1337564151


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