Critical Analysis: Conquest

Paper instructions

This 2-page analytical essay needs to be based upon specific readings (listed below), with a focus on primary sources. The response should demonstrate that you are thinking critically about class themes and can analyze them in relation to the readings and material presented in lectures. Historical context must be provided.

Audience: Write for an educated audience but do not assume prior knowledge of the subject. Be sure to clearly explain key events and significant terms.

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Critical Analysis: Conquest
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Please answer the following question(s):
Describe a key aspect or aspects of pre-Columbian indigenous societies. How did they change during and after the conquest (documents should be consulted/cited from our text Victors and Vanquished and/or the document Lords and Holy Men of Tenochtitlan). Please use at least one source from Victors and Vanquished.
Please use a simplified form of parenthetical citation (see below) and cite sources correctly. The essay, submitted as a Word file, should not exceed 2 pages, double-spaced in Times New Roman 12-point font. If you have any concerns about when to cite material, please see: Even though it discusses the use of footnotes, and these assignments permit parenthetical citation, the same rules apply to using both methods.
Please do not consult the web for information; evidence that outside material has been consulted will contribute to a lower grade.

Put your name at the top of the third page—there is no need to include any other information such as the course name or section. Finally, there is no need for a bibliography or a works cited page. Thanks!
Use only these sources:
-Victors and Vanquished, ed. Stuart Schwartz, Tatiana Seijas
-Alison Games and Adam Rothman, eds., Major Problems in Atlantic History (Boston, 2008)
-Colonial Spanish America: A Documentary History, ed. Kenneth Mills, William Taylor
For all sources from the Alison Games and Adam Rothman, eds., Major Problems in Atlantic History textbook, simply cite as (Games and Rothman, page number). Just use the appropriate page number found in the upper left or right hand corner of the pdf.
For the Lords and Holy Men excerpt, taken from the Kenneth Mills and William Taylor textbook Colonial Spanish America, cite as (Mills and Taylor, page number)
All parenthetical citations should appear at the end of the sentence.
If you need access to these readings, I have a Kindle account that i can give you access to to read the readings.


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