Criminal Justice Research Paper


RESEARCH PAPER Topic and GUIDELINES/GRADING CRITERIA You will need to open the Texas Department of Criminal Justice GO KIDS  website Using the criteria listed below you will need to explore each of the links listed and write about each section in great detail. Mission/Purpose What is their mission- DO NOT COPY AND PASTE, you may quote or paraphrase but you will need to cite it (using guide). Give me a summary in your words using their main goals to include stats, services (types and description), programs etc. Why was it established, who are their targets, how is it implemented and so on. Links Click on each link listed on bottom of main page of Go Kids and give a brief overview of what it entails. Include important details and elaborate on them- use this as a starting point for each section 1.                Community Program and Services for Probationers, Parolees, their Families and for the Families of Incarcerated Offenders – Click on B and M and research what is offered in Brownsville & McAllen- you should also research other cities and see if more is offered in other places and compare and contrast 2.                Interesting Facts- List and discuss facts from the Fact Sheet to include but not limited to demographics, impact, parents in prison, caregivers, reentry, and end with why we do not know more 3.                Kid’s Camps – list all of the camps and pick one to describe. List it’s services, where it is (location), age range, religious, cost, requirements etc. (again DO NOT COPY PASTE) 4.                Disclaimer – are these programs monitored, evaluated, funded etc.? If they are not what do you suggest be done to ensure better services, results, impact, etc. 5.                Conclusion- wrap up what you just discussed and give your thoughts on future implementation of such programs, if they are useful, more should be done for them etc. or if you feel opposite of what has been researched and back it up.   You may then view the Children of Incarcerated Parents link and add in supplemental material to back up your findings and give even more statistics and insight into the problem Children of Incarcerated Parents                 Formatting Instructions 1.               You will use MLA format for this paper-see attached guides for this and follow 2.               It must be 3 FULL pages in length (not 2 1/2, not 2, not 1)- if you do not follow this rule you will be graded accordingly, do not even bother turning in a paper that is 1 or 2 pages-your reference page does not count as a page nor does a title page 3.               Use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling 4.               Reference your textbook and additional link to apply topics we have learned about  5.               Follow each step listed to help with content building but include more 6.               Submit through BB not by email- it will go through SafeAssign ( you have 2 chances to submit by safeassign)

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Criminal Justice Research Paper
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