Criminal Justice Question

Module 11: Writing Assignment
After 9/11, several federal agencies were tasked with homeland security. State and local law enforcement have a leading role in homeland security because of its presence in communities, and its ability to gather information. State and local law enforcement also have a special role in terms of recognizing the possible terrorist activity and coordinating preventative measures from multiple community partnerships. Planning is a crucial part of the process. While the infrastructure is critical, symbolic targets also have a special significance. Finally, all partners responsible for homeland security must create a culture of information sharing.
What could the government do to ensure cooperation between agencies at both the federal and local levels?
What progress has been made or needs to occur to add to the communication coming from our agencies to the citizens so that both an understanding of what the government is doing exists and so that communities have to buy in resulting in cooperation and participation in fighting potential terrorist activities within and outside our nation?
To best understand this question and to aide, in your response, you should have watched the video on “Failure to prevent 9/11” in Module 9
Response GuidelinesActive engagement with the topic assigned will include the submission of a substantive post (500 words) for each of the writing topics. Each submission should demonstrate your achievement of the participation criteria. In addition, these submissions should present supporting information relevant to the topic (do not plagiarize, use in-text citations and references in APA style). You are expected to use APA 7th edition formatting for your submission, if you are unfamiliar with it, look it up. Each work should have at least two sources used in response. Homework is provided as a learning opportunity, the lack of sources to define, support, or contradict a submission position lacks academic value.

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Criminal Justice Question
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