Criminal Justice Power Point Presentation


Student Presentation Each student will be required to submit a PowerPoint Student Lecture due no later than November 23, 2020 at 11:59pm.  This presentation topic will be anything from the following list, or a mutually agreed upon topic and consist of at least 20 slides including a title and reference slide.   Possible Topics for Presentation ·        Anomie ·        Biological Theories ·        Crime Trends  (you can pick any particular criminal act to discuss its historical crime trends OR violent or property crime in general) ·        Criminal Actions (you can pick any particular criminal act to discuss, e.g., Homicide, Criminal Sexual Assault, Larceny, etc.) ·        Critical Conflict Theory ·        Differential Association Theory ·        Earliest Explanations of Crime Causation ·        Feminist Theory ·        Gender and Criminal Behavior ·        K-12 School Violence ·        Labeling Theory ·        Mass Murders ·        Myths that Cause Crime ·        Psychological Theories ·        Race and Criminal Behavior ·        Serial Killers ·        Social Control Theory ·        Social Learning Theory ·        Spree Killers ·        The Chicago School ·        The Classical School ·        The Positivist School ·        Theory and Criminology ·        Victim Rates ·        Victimology ·        Violent Crime versus Property Crimes   *Essentially any topic that deals with the study of crime and criminal behavior!!!  Unless you have something “really off the wall” in mind, consider your selected topic “approved”… and yes, more than one student can do any topic!  I could not sit here and come up with 135+ different topics if I tried!!!!

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Criminal Justice Power Point Presentation
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