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I need an abstract and data analysis with a summary of the results for the attached files. The survey was conducted on my Mental Health Intensive Case Management Team (MHICM) where I use to work prior to my promotion to a higher position. I am also attaching the original instruction so you have an idea of the project

The goal of this paper will be for you to think deeply about your own leadership style vis- a-vis others that you have interviewed. How effective are you as a leader? What makes the leader you admire effective in their approach to decision-making, interactions with peers, interactions with subordinates, interpersonal traits, ethical integrity, work ethic, etc.?
This individual assignment calls for you to submit a paper reflecting on your leadership style based on surveys of people who you have reported to, or worked with, who are willing to be open with you about your leadership strengths and areas needing improvement.
You should collect surveys from a minimum of six (6) people, although additional people will provide you helpful information for your paper.
If, due to the current pandemic, you are unable to collect surveys from 6 work connections, you may expand your reach. If you have held a leadership role in your community or school organization, the people you worked with would be able to give you helpful insight into your leadership style. As a last resort, you can survey your friends, family, neighbors, or other community members who may have observed you as you exhibited leadership behaviors.
The people you survey should know you and be able to comment on your leadership effectiveness. They do not have to be your boss. This is a good opportunity for you to get or stay in touch with previous mentors and bosses you have worked with before.
You may wish to conduct by email or in phone interviews. You should prepare your questions in advance. As you are preparing your questions please think about what topics you would like to emphasize in your paper. These subject/topic areas will form the outline of your paper. All of your survey questions should be the same for all participants. Your survey questions must include a minimum of:
• 12 leadership questions
• 1–2 ethical queries
• Six (6) demographical queries (gender, age range, education, ethnicity, job level of responsibility, etc.)
California State University | Monterey Bay
If you decide to conduct phone interviews, your questions should be open-ended and should expand on effective leadership styles and career paths within a company or industry.
For modified 360-degree feedback—that is, feedback from your peers or subordinates (more 180-degree than 360-degree since you don’t ask boss levels and constituents to comment on your leadership), you can look online for help with questions to ask.
Below is the best site you can use for information:
• 360-Degree Feedback
There are many other sites. You can also look around for questions in leadership articles and in other sources. Think analytically and creatively as you plan, using your journals and areas we’ve studied to guide your questions.
• Include your name, page numbers, page headers, question/topic subheadings, and a short abstract (no more than 250 words).
• The paper should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.
• The paper should be a maximum of 2,500 words of content (does not include appendices, references, abstract, tables or graphics) single-spaced, with 12-point font and one-inch margins all around.
• Additional articles, books, etc. should be appropriately cited and referenced in American Psychological Association (APA) style.
• Your notes from any interviews should be written up and attached as an appendix to your paper; survey results by question should also be included in an appendix.
The following sections (and headings) are required in the following order:
• Introduction
• Literature Review
o Outside literature regarding critical key concepts relative to you and your career (what makes effective leaders, one or two key concepts you research about your own leadership)
• Personal Career Background
California State University | Monterey Bay
o Include your current job/role. Are you an individual contributor; do you manage others? Describe the span of your management/leadership experience (years, number of subordinates, etc.).
• Purpose of study
o What are you hoping to accomplish in understanding your leadership style?
• Hypothesis/Assumption
o This should be expressed as a statement (e.g., I am an effective leader. I handle group conflict well. I support my team effectively. I am not good at influencing without authority. I am not an effective leader)
• Methods Used for Data Gathering
o 360 survey of your abilities/performance on each area
o Leadership, ethical, and demographic questions
o 6 respondents (minimum)
• Results
• Data Analysis
o Data should be analyzed using qualitative feedback analysis.
• Findings
o (meaning of results)
• Personal Leadership Strengths
o (in the view of others)
• Personal Leadership Weaknesses
o (in the view of others)
• Reactions to Survey Feedback
o (correct, incorrect, why/why not)
• Action Plan for Personal Development
o What are your areas for improvement? How will you work on them? How will you know when you have made progress? What are your next steps?
• References
o Must be APA formatted in-text and in reference list
• Appendices
o Questionnaire survey

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