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Bonnie and David had five children: two boys, both of whom had Menkes disease, and three girls who were all unaffected. Two of the three girls, Rose and Elizabeth, married. Rose married Sam and they had four children. John, Tony, Ruth and Oliver. John and Tony were affected by Menkes disease but Ruth and Oliver were unaffected. Elizabeth married Mark and they had two boys and two girls, none of whom were affected by Menkes disease. (Note: we have omitted information about the order of birth of brothers and sisters.) a.)Using the information given above, draw a pedigree chart to include all the individuals mentioned. You should show who is affected by Menkes disease and who is not. Label each member of the family whose name is known. b.)Females very rarely manifest Menkes disease in any family. Explain the reason for this. (About four sentences). c.)Choose appropriate letters to represent each of the two alleles, one for Menkes disease and one for normal, and determine the genotype of John’s mother (Rose), John’s father (Sam) and John’s grandmother (Bonnie). (Explain how you arrived at your answers). d.)Suppose that you are a genetic counsellor and Rose and Sam seek your advice prior to having another child. i.)What are the child’s possible genotypes, and the expected probability for each of these genotypes? ii.)What are the chances of their next child having Menkes disease? iii.) Rose and Sam go ahead and start another pregnancy and discover the child is a girl. Is there anythig you could tell them about the expected phenotype of the child? For all parts (i)-(iii), explain how you arrived at your answer.

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Creating pedigree chart, Bonnie and David had five | Homework Help
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