Create three self vignettes

Create three self vignettes

Vignette 1:

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Create three self vignettes
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Talk about life in Africa. Such as playing in the rain, seating around the fire and listening to stories, climbing up the mango trees, eating coconuts and mango thats had falling from the trees, Playing hide and seek in tall grass tree, watching the stars at night ( a page long)

Vignette 2:

Talk about getting on a air plane for the first time and moving to America cold new york city (learning to adote to the weather, trying new food such as pizza and hamburger, not being able to see the stars because of the street lights ) ( a page long)

Vignette 3:

Talk about school and difficulty to make friends because of being different and having an accent,  learning new laws such as kids cant get whipping  for talking back to teachers (a page long)



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