Cracking your genetic code assignment | Homework Help

Cracking Your Genetic Code Assignment

You WILL be offered the opportunity to have genetic tests in your lifetime, potentially including whole genome sequencing.  What do you want to know?  Do you want to know your risks for:

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Cracking your genetic code assignment | Homework Help
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  • diseases that run in your family?
  • diseases that have not occurred in your family history?
  • variants of unknown significance?
  • diseases that you can prevent with lifestyle changes or preventative medical procedures (eg. Type II Diabetes or Breast Cancer)?
  • diseases that you can do nothing to prevent or treat (eg.Huntington’s or Alzheimer’s)?

Would you be willing to share your genetic and health information with researchers so more can be learned about genetic variants and human health?

Discuss your decisions in 1-2 pages (typed).


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