Corporate image: reconciling its relationship to corporate identity


Subtopic – Corporate Image: reconciling its relationship to corporate identity What peta stands for: Findings: The introduction section of your report must contain your research question, narrowed, focused, and clearly stated; a scope statement (specifying exactly what you are including and excluding); and the purpose of the study – i.e., why it is important. In the introduction also briefly describe your research strategy along with what indexes and databases you searched. Do this in such a way that the reader will feel confident that you are systematically and thoroughly covering all the necessary ground and that your information will be complete and credible. Make sure you list within the sources and methods section those sources that supplied the most meaningful support for your report conclusions. Definitions are needed if you are using any important terms in a way the reader won’t immediately understand. As a transition to the report body, give the reader a brief preview of the way your report body will be organized. (Assume some knowledge on the part of the reader; otherwise your report may be too long and too elementary). The report body contains the information you found. Use a system of headings and sub- headings and at least one exhibit (visual / graphic). Use in-text references, done according to APA style. An example is (Denton, 2002, p. 46); this in-text note would refer a reader to your “References” page, which must also be done in APA style. APA style documentation and use or [email protected] for online references.  The conclusion contains a summary of each main section and any inferences you can draw on the basis of the summary. You should have multiple paragraphs in your conclusion. Make sure you answer your research question within your conclusion through use of an overall report- concluding paragraph. Also make sure that you include your recommendations in the conclusion section.

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Corporate image: reconciling its relationship to corporate identity
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