Public health is everyone’s business and responsibility. By its nature, public health matters to us all. Public health is not domestic health. It is global health.  We had a very good Discussion 2 in previous weeks on COVID-19 crisis. I really enjoyed reading your posts. A lot of valuable ideals came from this class. Just a few weeks after our last discussion, the COVID-19 has spread this nation and all around the world again in a dramatic fashion. The European region is reporting a rapid increase in cases and deaths. The United States registered 84,244 new coronavirus cases on 10/24, the nation’s largest daily cases since the beginning of a pandemic. During an interview with the BBC that was broadcast on 10/25, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said that an unprecedented surge in COVID-19 infections shows the country is “actually going in the wrong direction.” A crisis on this scale can reorder our society and the world in dramatic ways. How and when will the pandemic end? Many people ask, but nobody knows exactly. Follow the everyday development by visiting following websites. Bookmark these web pages on your Internet browser as I did. (Links to an external site.) https://w (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) Please do your research, and discuss the following questions in this forum.  1. If you think we are ill-prepared for this pandemic, what changes should we make? 2. We will have a better picture of our country after 11/3 general election. What future Obamacare, or Trumpcare, or Baidencare would look like? What’s your suggestion to the president-elect for the disease control and healthcare reform for the next 4 years? How should we rebuild the US healthcare system in a long-term? 3. What can the US learn from other countries on COVID-19?   4. How should we rebuild the global public health system in a long-term if you believe in the “global village” concept?

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