Conflict Case Study

Conflict Case Study


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Conflict Case Study
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Part 2 – Impacts of Conflict Graphic Organizer

You will examine the impact that conflicts have on multiple fronts and create a graphic organizer with

your explanations and examples for each. Use the levels of analysis – individual or domestic, and


Major factors to focus on within the levels of analysis are:

– Migration and Refugees

– Financial (Crises or Boom)

– Changing Governments

– Environmental Damage

The graphic organizer can be done in a style of your choice. It must contain an explanation of each

factor and two examples that identify the actors involved. These explanations and examples

must be research and referenced (cited). You need to address how these factors are different at each

different level (individual, domestic, global).



Attempting Approaching Meeting Exemplifying


  • Levels of Analysis –


Domestic, Global


  • All levels are clearly and

concisely addressed

with two different factors

being explained at each

level. The explanation



understanding of the

different levels.


  • Factors and Actors

Migration and






  • At least two factors have

been addressed multiple

times across the

different levels. The

examples used show an


understanding of how

the factors change when

examined at different



  • Work is elevated by the

presentation and

organization of the



  • Work is clearly original

in nature


Things to consider:

  • One conflict may have multiple impacts. The Gulf War, for example, had local environmental

impacts in Kuwait but also had global financial implications as Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait caused

the price of oil to spike. You may use one conflict for more than one impact.

  • When determining individual or domestic, ask if you’re talking about it affecting people as

individuals or as a community. A group of refugees fleeing conflict would be the individual

scale while a nation hosting them would be domestic.

  • There are a number of options for creating a graphic organizer online. Students in my Human

Geography class have done great work with piktochart, so I would recommend that one.

  • For the rough draft submission, a simple word document will do. The rough draft should be at

least 50% complete and will be graded against the “meeting” standard. In other words, if you

have 50% of it done, besides the creative element, and what you have done fits the “meeting”

objective you will receive an A for the halfway mark.




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